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Cold-Water Corals - the biology and geology of deep-sea coral habitats

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The biology, distribution and conservation status of cold-water corals are discussed in detail in the 2004 United Nations Environment Programme report "Cold-water Coral Reefs: Out of Sight - No Longer Out of Mind".

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The Hexacorallians of the World website is a compilation of publications concerning taxonomy, nomenclature and geographic distribution of extant hexacorallians.

In 2005 summaries of research into cold-water corals were published in the book  'Cold-water Corals and Ecosystems' edited by AndrĂ© Freiwald and J Murray Roberts.

The biology of Lophelia pertusa and other cold-water corals has been reviewed by A.D. Rogers in 1999 and forms an excellent place to start for in-depth data on many aspects of cold-water coral biology:

Rogers, A. D. (1999). "The biology of Lophelia pertusa (LINNAEUS 1758) and other deep- water reef-forming corals and impacts from human activities." International Review Of Hydrobiology 84(4): 315-406.