Benthic Landers & Seafloor Observatories


Benthic landers and seafloor observatories for cold-water coral research (Roberts et al. 2005):

Roberts JM, Peppe OC, Dodds LA, Mercer DJ, Thomson WT, Gage JD and Meldrum DT (2005) Monitoring environmental variability around cold-water coral reefs: the use of a benthic photolander and the potential of seafloor observatories. In: Freiwald A & Roberts JM (eds) Cold-Water Corals & Ecosystems. Springe, Berlin Heidelberg. pp 483-502
Review article of benthic chamber landers (Tenberg et al. 1995):

Tengberg A, De Bovee F, Hall P, Berelson W, Chadwick D, Ciceri G, Crassous P, Devol A, Emerson S, Gage J, Glud R, Gratiottini F, Gunderson J, Hammond D, Helder W, Hinga K, Holby O, Jahnke R, Khripounoff A, Lieberman S, Nuppenau V, Pfannkuche O, Reimers C, Rowe G, Sahami A, Sayles F, Schurter M, Smallman D, Wehrli B, De Wilde P (1995) Benthic chamber and profiling landers in oceanography - A review of design, technical solutions and functioning. Progress in Oceanography 35: 253-294

Technology has developed to such an extent that people are now installing seafloor observatory systems which are connected by cable to the mainland. So far, there are three main initatives:



ESONET, Europe